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We offer a vast variety of exclusive tailormade tours in the western desert areas of Southern Africa to suit the needs of our clients!

We love the Desert, we live in the Desert and we love to share the Desert
We take you nowhere and show you nothing


Delivery team
Vehicle transfer

We also do the transfers of four wheel drive vehicles, for instance if the client wants his vehicle at a specific destination but does not have the time to drive it there, we will do the driving part. The client obviously pays for all expenses.

Piet van Heerde has a international drivers licence as well as a PDP(profesional driving permit) renewed every two years. He also has at least a 500kkm accident free record.

It basically works like this:

You contact us wit a request for what you need to be done, and we will then work out a plan, route and more or less a cost. You will then give us the estimated amount of money needed for all expenses like accommodation and border fees. We book our tickets and we do the job. We can not guarantee a faultless procedure but Piet is an excelent driver and can virtually drive anything. He also has a lot of experience in Africa and crossing borders with the least hasstle.

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