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We offer a vast variety of exclusive tailormade tours in the western desert areas of Southern Africa to suit the needs of our clients!

We love the Desert, we live in the Desert and we love to share the Desert
We take you nowhere and show you nothing



The area directly around Mabuasehube.
We offer wilderness tours , in conjunction with Cornwall Safaris
Previously hunting area but now open for tourism and no fences between here and the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.


You are hereby invited ......
For an EXCLUSIVE tour to a private concession area of 4 million hectares, an area previously only used for elite hunting safaris,
but now open for tourism.

It is an area adjoining the Mabuasehube-Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, there are no fences and no other people.
The earmark of this area is that the owner of the concession wants to keep it as wild and exclusive as possible, allowing only a couple of small guided groups per year.
Guided tours only by a selected few tour operators such as VIROSATOURS, otherwise a highly restricted area.

We run safari's into the area on a weekly basis, where you start on Saturday evening at Cornwall ranch and end during the next week.
List of great things about this trip:

 Off the beaten track, 4x4 adventure into exclusive Kalahari Wilderness area 4 Million Hectares (twice the size of the Kruger Park)
 No Other people
 Guided with wild animal tracker.
 Plenty of other game; Eland, Gemsbok, Blue wildebeest, Red Hartebeest, Springbok and also smaller mammals like Honey badger Aardvark etc. I have personally seen 15000 Springbok and 400 Eland.
 Photographic opportunities for wild life and breath-taking Kalahari landscapes
 Camp under the stars, getting real close to African wild life at night (Lion, hyena, jackals etc. and their calls)
 No extensive driving; will set camp at about 16:00; allowing you to explore a bit and enjoying the sunset.
 Evening meal will be supplied
 These are really wild animals; hardly any human encounters.
 Maximum six vehicles per trip

Brief Journey Description:

The trip will start on any given Saturday at Cornwall House near the Bray border control, where the first night will be spent.
Camping R300-00pp Dinner bed breakfast included.
Lodging R500-00pp Dinner bed breakfast included.
From Cornwall we travel to the concession area that is situated around the Mabuasehube camp. Will then travel in a circular route through the area depending on where the game is at that stage.
Daily time guidance; Start driving as early as possible, lunch break at about 12:00
and setting camp at around 16h00, from where you may explore a bit and go for a sunset drive.
We then make a huge communal Kalahari fire.
In case of emergency will be able to refill our water supplies at the Mabuasehube gate.
The trip will end on the given day and there will be time to drive home or make the border..


Drive out

Siggy Bishop's report

What you will need:

You need a very reliable 4x4 vehicle
Be able to travel 750km without refuelling
Have at least two spare tyres
A porta-potty or camping toilet-seat and shovel
Shower bag / camping shower kit (keep in mind water might be a problem)
Carry at least 75l water.
Carry basic tools and spare parts for you vehicle
Supply own instant breakfast (coffee and rusks) and light lunch.
Cameras and binoculars
First Aid Kit
And last but not least, a whole lot of enthusiasm

What we do not want:

No GPS recording of the track is allowed (highly restricted area)
We do these tours for nature loving and caring people, it is not so much about the wildlife but more about being out there with them.


We have the option of partially being catered for or fully self sufficient.
Self catered: R2800-00-00per person. Excl accommodation at Cornwall Ranch.
Evening meals catered: R3800-00per person. Excl accommodation at Cornwall Ranch.


Under 7 years, free of charge, but you supply their own food, no meals included, if you want meals for them an aditional R90-00pp per day to be charged.

Between 7 years and 15 years, half price.

Older than 15, same as normal person, ie full price.


Minimum fifteen Persons
Maximum eight vehicles

Guided tour

Open Campsite

Lunch stop on the cutline

Bushy Pan

Bush Camping

On the Cutline

Herds of Springbok

Herd of Eland


Taking in the view

Sunset in the Kalahari

Lion Country